How to Report an Issue on iPhone

Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018 05:32PM EDT

The new iOS app has an improved reporting flow that makes it very easy to report an issue on the go. To experience this new reporting flow, make sure your SeeClickFix app has been updated!

1. Begin a new report

When you first login to the app, you will see the Place Page. To begin a new report, tap the Report tab along the bottom and then tap Get something fixed.

2. Add a photo of the issue

Sometimes it’s just easier to show the issue than it is to describe it. Adding a photograph to do so can be done in one of three ways:

  • Take a photo of the issue now
  • Upload a photo of the issue that you recently took using your phone’s camera
  • Upload a photo of the issue from your phone’s gallery

Adding a photo is optional, so you can also select No Photo.

3. Add the location of the issue

Making sure the issue is resolved requires an accurate location. Our app uses the location of the photograph or your device’s location services to help ensure accuracy.

  • If you added a photo, the app will automatically add a location to the issue based on where the photograph was taken.
  • If you didn’t add a photo, make sure you tap Allow when asked if SeeClickFix can access your location.

After our app automatically identifies your location, make sure that the address we detected is the correct address. Location services cannot guarantee a correct address of the location every time so double check that address to make sure it’s right!

4. Select a Category

Scroll through the list of available categories and select one that best fits the issue you are reporting.

Note: Some areas are not monitored by an organization so the only available category will be Post to Neighbors. This allows you to report an issue to your neighbors on SeeClickFix.

5. Add a description and answer secondary questions

Add any additional details that will help describe the issue or how to locate the issue if it is not directly present at the location selected.

Next, answer any secondary questions that are listed below the description. These are questions that correspond to the category and are asked to make sure all of pertinent information is gathered to be able to efficiently resolve the issue.

Reminder, the issue will be publicly viewable so be sure to not include any sensitive or personal data.

6. Reporting the issue anonymously

If you wish to report this issue anonymously, you can toggle Yes under the question “Hide your identity from public view”. This will hide your display name and your previously reported issues from being viewed by the public.

Note: Any comments you make on this issue while registered will not be submitted anonymously.

7. Submit the Issue

Once you’ve added all of the issue details you are ready to submit the issue! Tap Submit in the top right hand corner to complete the report.

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